Stances are different offensive weapon styles that can be used by William in combat. All equipable melee weapons utilize the stance system. Each stance has their own positives and negatives, and players are encouraged to swap between them depending on their foes There are three types of stances - Low Stance, Mid Stance, and High Stance. Each stance as their own unique skills used within them.

The stance system is unlocked after completing the opening mission in the Tower of London.

Low Stance

Low Stance consumes the least amount of stamina per action, is very fast, and has the best dodge. However, it is also the weakest in terms of damage. Low Stance is a great stance for mobility and quick attacks, used best when surrounding by a large group of enemies.

Mid Stance

Mid Stance is balanced in terms of stamina, power, and speed as well as having the best guard. Stamina recovery is relatively high. Useful in all situations due it's balanced resourcefulness. 

High Stance

High stance has the most powerful strikes, however each attack is slow and each strike consumes large amounts of stamina. Best utilized when fighting a single, powerful foe.

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