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• 5/31/2018

For New Contributors

'Please read the following before making any edits if you are new! It will ensure that the edits you make are of the highest quality!' - on this page you can see what tasks are being done by whom and also where help is needed. If you wish to contribute, feel free to pick a task and mark it as yours by adding your name to it. Alternatively, you can search for "Missing information" to find pages that are missing information. is a set of guidelines and some rules of thumb to be aware of that will help you get kickstarted on contributing to the Wiki.
TheEmbracedOne/To Do
TheEmbracedOne/To Do Nioh Wiki
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• 12/3/2017

Making this wikia Great (again ?)

With Nioh's release on PC, I've been able to get it. And as I found the information/content lacking on this wikia, I have started to work on it, in order to have a source of information people could use.
And as the more people involved, the faster and better the wiki will be filled, I ask for your help in making it great !

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• 5/10/2017


I'm new here the sad thing is me and mico are the only ones here
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• 5/9/2017


I just joined
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